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There are many reasons why you may need the services of a professional, skilled attorney in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD. De Castro Law Office has been providing comprehensive criminal defense and civil case legal representation for over 10 years. Call us today to schedule a free consultation regarding your:

Criminal Defense Cases

  • Drug possession and distribution – Misdemeanor and felony drug charges are common along the SD/WA state lines. If you’ve been charged with marijuana trafficking and distribution, you need legal representation to minimize the implications of your charge.
  • Homicide – Homicide charges are very serious offenses and can carry severe consequences. We examine the details of your case and strive to provide the best possible outcome when facing homicide charges.
  • Rape – Another serious offense, rape convictions also typically carry heavy consequences including registering as a sex offender. Rely on our experienced attorneys to minimize or avoid the negative outcomes of rape convictions.
  • DWIs – There are many ways to defend clients charged with DWI in Sioux Falls, SD, and Madison, SD. We thoroughly examine your case and look for means to have your case dismissed. If your case is not dismissed, we work to minimize the penalties for DWI convictions.
  • Extortion – Blackmail and other extortion charges can be difficult to prove in a court of law. It is important to have quality legal representation when facing extortion charges.

Call De Castro Law Office for quality legal representation when facing these criminal defense charges and others in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD.

Civil Cases

  • Personal injury – If you have been injured and are seeking compensation from an employer, business or negligent party, do so with a skilled civil attorney in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD. These cases can occasionally be resolved out of court, but our civil attorneys work with you through the entire process to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Medical malpractice – You trust doctors with your life, so when they harm you due to negligence or lack of experience, you deserve adequate compensation. Call De Castro for legal representation in medical malpractice cases.
  • Car accidents – If an auto accident has you in a legal dispute, you may need representation in the courtroom. Hold responsible parties accountable and get the compensation you deserve with a civil suit attorney from De Castro Law Office.

For professional legal advice and representation regarding these civil suit cases and others in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD, call De Castro Law Office today and schedule a free initial consultation.