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If you have been charged with even a misdemeanor crime, it is essential to hire a skilled attorney immediately. De Castro Law Office is experienced in representing citizens accused of drug possession and distribution, DWIs, violent crimes and other criminal charges. Whether you are facing misdemeanor possession charges or a major felony, consider hiring Sioux Falls criminal defense attorney, Manny DeCastro in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD.

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With over 20 years of legal experience, our legal team provides legal representation in criminal defense and civil suit cases. Call today for a free initial consultation and know your rights and your options when facing criminal or civil legal issues in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD. 

Our Goals

The goal is to get your charge reduced or dismissed. This is the overall goal of a defense attorney in Sioux Falls, SD, or Madison, SD. We know the law inside and out and can develop legal action plans to reduce your sentencing or get your case dismissed altogether.

Sioux Falls Criminal Defense Attorneys


We fully understand the litigation process. We know how court proceedings transpire and can clarify any confusion about the process. De Castro Law Office will work to get you prepared for your court date and effectively represent you during the litigation process.

Sioux Falls Criminal Defense Attorneys


We can save you money in the long run. The initial fees for hiring an attorney can be daunting, but they can save you considerable money in the long run. Increased insurance rates resulting from DWI convictions, hefty fines and restitution mandates can all cost thousands more than criminal defense attorney fees.

Sioux Falls Criminal Defense Attorney